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They are great images that spark smiles and that is what we want around here.
     Barbara P., Director, Children's Center - Oregon City, Oregon

Your art touches people.  When words fall short art conveys things like peace, safety, calm warmth, intimacy, normalcy, and fun.  I think kids pick up on that on a gut level.
     Jon K., Gresham, Oregon

We received the beautiful painting you sent, and Gray loves it!  She was very excited to open her package...thanks again!
     Jenna von Oy - The Cradle Chronicles

You are a wonderful artist and they are so unique and fun.
     John Travolta and Kelly Preston

Fun art is quite a fine art make no mistake! Pablo Picasso would be so proud of you.  It takes an artist to turn a yellow spot into the sun” just to quote him.
     Dominique Cinq-Mars Delay

Judith Raye’s art is adorable, fresh, restoring a sense of innocence…and Judith Raye is an up and coming talent to be watched.
David Gaunt, The Giggle Guide

OH MY GOODNESS!!!  You are so talented.  Love it all. Thank you so much!!! We really appreciate your support.
Lisa Bradley, Simons Angels

Thank you so much for your kindness…Our children enjoy looking at the artwork and naming the different animals. Thank You.

We just received the prints today and they are adorable. The colors evoked the biggest smiles out of Tavian! They will look great in his room.
Delicia – Beaverton, OR

Children need a dreamscape, your gift provides that dream through art.
Ellen, San Diego, CA

I am a long-time volunteer at the Venice Family Clinic in Los Angeles. We are working on a project to beautify and improve the Childrens’ area at each location of the Clinic with your artwork. 
Roseann Herman, Venice Family Clinic

We got the fuzzy owls! Thank you so much!! It is adorable!! It’s no wonder your owls are taking off. They look like they should be in posh baby. This will look so cute in her room. Thank you again! We are so blessed. 

Everyone loves the work you do and it is really enhancing the lives of the children we serve.
     Kate – Los Angeles, CA

I would like to thank you for donating those 6 wonderful framed prints.  Our staff loves them as much as I do, and agrees that the hallway wall outside our observation and interview rooms is an ideal place to hang them.  We will put them at kids’ eye level so they can enjoy them as they make their way back to our exam room.  They will make the assessment area warm and welcoming for children, and help reassure them and make them feel safe.
Francine Fiore, Juliette's House

Judith Raye’s work is whimsical, fun and inspirational.  It is easy to coordinate with any bedroom décor for boys and girls.  She is a pleasant person to work with and I recommend her work to anyone.
Michelle, Salem, Oregon

I am excited to see the print! I bought the frames from Michael's and have the three prints hanging in a little play area for my son. I love them!
Stacy - Portland, Oregon