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My name is Judith Raye.  I am a self-taught artist from Newberg, Oregon.  I began creating dreamscapes for children almost six years ago.  I started out simply decorating my two granddaughters' bedrooms.  

I have such a heart for children, it seemed from the very beginning I felt my art should be a part of giving back to the community, specifically to children who have been affected by sexual and emotional abuse.   Every year I donate art prints to charities which directly help families and children in need. 

My mission is to bring joy to children who have experienced so much sadness.   I have donated art to hospitals, orphanages, women's shelters, and other non-profit organizations throughout the United States, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Zimbabwe, South Korea, and other places around the world, places where children need and deserve happiness.

I first introduced my art at the Kid Show in Las Vegas, ABC Kid Shows in Louisville, Kentucky and Las Vegas, and The Plush Show in Los Angeles, CA. 

My art has gone from simple happy images to art that transitions from a nursery to become a piece of art that grows with the child, and hopefully becomes a treasured item they carry with them into adulthood.




"I dream of painting, and then I paint my dream."

                                                              Van Gogh